Ikonic Studios
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Ikonic Studios is all about capturing the essence of a moment, a person, an event, or anything else that has a story about them that can be shared in the form of an image. I strongly believe that there is a certain beauty to just about everything or anyone.

Whether it be.....
A fashion model who is displaying a collection of designer fashions.
A moment in the sky where the colors are just amazing.
A mountain in the fall with all the vibrant colors.
A seamstress hard at work in their craft to create something amazing

These are just but a few examples of the "Art Of Photography". 

When people say, "a picture can say a thousand words", it's so very true and when you see that image and recall every precise moment of that time frame, that's exactly what it's all about. Art forms come in so many variations and really has no boundaries, be as creative as you want to tell your story.
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